Minimize Plastic Maximize Lives


 Waste Management is a big issue the entire world is trying to get rid of, at any cost and the main reason for this is that it leads to the increase of the temperature of earth due to dumping of waste materials. Here, are few small initiatives for managing waste materials.

 Plastic waste is the biggest threat in handling solid waste management. The amount of ball point pens made from plastic used in Schools accounts to approximately 10 million in Tamil Nadu itself. If a student uses one pen for a month that count magnifies to 120 million within a year. So, you can imagine the level of plastic waste generated from such pens. Apart from school students, college students and other official works require the use of pen which will lead to drastic accumulation of such a waste. Hence, instead of using such plastic pens we can use FOUNTAIN PEN to make the planet better place to live in.

 The main motivation of our event is to create an awareness about ‘Reducing Plastics waste’ and it should start from the school students, so that it will motivate them to be a part of it and make them a responsible citizen in future. As a part of it, students collected more than ‘9000’ plastic waste generated from pens across various schools and neighbours from their own within four months. Moreover, these plastic wastes are converted into 300 pen stands within 8 hours with help of our 35 volunteers. Along with the pen stands we distributed 1500 INK PENS to the school students at 'Dhanalakshmi Higher Sec school', Royapuram.
Mr. Anbuvanan. A – Head Master of school made a special announcement on the stage such that 5 marks will be awarded for each student who uses ink pen in upcoming half yearly exam to motivate students to use ink pens.

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