Artificial Recharge of Existing Dried Borewells


 In India, every year more children are falling prey to dried bore well pits and it’s a serious issue to be addressed. And there is no sophisticated equipment available to rescue the children safely from the well. To eradicate this problem, we are suggesting an idea, i.e., artificial recharge of dry borewells in nearby areas which will not only improve the underground water level, but also will decrease the earth's temperature and also prevent the small children being trapped inside these borewells. This method is done by digging a pit around the existing dry borewell and filling the pit with filter material in layers. Surface run off from upstream catchment areas is diverted towards this recharge structure. Water passes through this filter material and clear water enters the borewell and directly reaches the underground aquifers. The novelty and usefulness of this method is that without drilling new borewells, existing dry and low yield borewells can be converted as recharge wells and directly the recharge deep aquifers.

 As per plan an area was adopted and implemented with this technique to create awareness on mitigation of climate change as well as to reduce the accidents happening in dry bore wells. We implemented the idea of artificial recharge of ground water by placing filter materials around an existing dry bore well in Katrambakkam Panchayat, Sriperumbudur, Kancheepuram district, Tamilnadu. By this, the amount of ground water substantially increased and also was utilized in summer effectively. The temperature also reduced to a significant level and the presence of bore well as a threat to children is also eradicated.

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